Whose Money Is It Anyway?

So, whose money is it anyway? You’re running a business. The cash comes in. It goes into the drawer, or you get checks or credit cards. You’re looking at the money. And it looks good, and you love having it! Some important things you should […]

Hold ‘em or Fold ‘em – Thanks, Kenny Rogers!

1978. “The Gambler” — Kenny Rogers. Great song. Things were a little tough back then. What does the song really tell us? Why are we talking about it? Well, if you’re watching this — you’ve got some choices to make. What are you going to […]

The No. 1 Problem Facing Businesses

The number one problem is not seeking help soon enough. Okay, now that we’ve gotten over that. The other number one problem is cashflow. If you don’t have money on hand to pay your employees, to buy merchandise, to buy goods. If you’re a restaurant… […]

Personal Guaranties

Let’s talk about personal guaranties. They come in all shapes and sizes. We are not giving legal advice. To get that, you need to go to your own lawyer. Personal guaranties can be a couple of lines. They can be an entire agreement. You need […]

When To File Bankruptcy

One of the big questions… When to file bankruptcy? Small Business Reorganization Act. It was enacted 2019 – Sub V. 7.5 million dollars, current debt limit. Your lawyer will tell you what type of debt qualifies. Or Chapter 11. Maybe — Chapter 7. When do […]

What’s A Lawyer To Do?

What’s a lawyer to do… One of the toughest situations a lawyer can face. A good friend of yours, a client, walks into your office — they sit down and they start to have one of those conversations with you that you know you’re not […]

50 Ways To Leave Your Lender

We at SmallBizReorg are big fans of Paul Simon. That said, we couldn’t help realizing that his classic, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” really had a hidden meaning.  It’s 1975. Inflation is running at an all-time high of 13.4%, there’s a sense of stagnation, and the […]